Should You Be Afraid?

Whose business is it to control which word enters or leaves the heart? The cell membrane regulates what enters and leaves the cell if you recall. Why do you think some people have bitter words while others don’t?Does it have anything to do with environmental influence? Just the other day I was asking some of […]


…continued/Speak Up

Why do the wicked prosper, is it, not the Lord’s work to bless and humble? (Charlie lamenting) Suzie: What do you mean? Charlie 😦 A long silence without a word) He was bleeding secretly as he tried to control the tears. Suzie was getting annoyed about trying to solve an unknown problem. The condition was […]


In this acreage, not a must you believe in yourself. The power of spoken words can work out. There is something in our minds as we develop. Somehow people think age limits them, others consider body size as a barrier. Can you recall these words “When I grow old, when I graduate, When I…” What […]