…continued/Speak Up

Why do the wicked prosper, is it, not the Lord's work to bless and humble? (Charlie lamenting) Suzie: What do you mean? Charlie ūüė¶ A long silence without a word) He was bleeding secretly as he tried to control the tears. Suzie was getting annoyed about trying to solve an unknown problem. The condition was … Continue reading …continued/Speak Up


Success is the shield page of this parcel. Children, youths and adults feature potential in it. It is not by wish besides if you cannot see yourself there, others will. People feel good and motivated in this land. It is our responsibility to make it real. Many wish to stay there. In this acreage, not … Continue reading FANTASY LAND

…final bits of Sophie’s story

The pleasure of all parentages is to see their offsprings excel and mother affection is a gift with no bogus. If she bared the pain and discomfort for nine months, trust me she cares. No one can¬†replace¬†your¬†mama¬†she¬†is one in a¬†shedload. I might be¬†shocked¬†if you will¬†assume¬†and¬†neglect¬†her when many¬†wish¬†for the¬†gift¬†with¬†readiness¬†to¬†showcase¬†their¬†love¬†and upkeep. Although Talia was trying to make … Continue reading …final bits of Sophie’s story